Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 28th

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing blog posts from our awesome interns from Coastal Carolina University.  We are so lucky to have their enthusiasm and hope they learn a lot from their experience with us!

This week at Fidelis we had an all boys group come out.  I had a group of three this week who road Tee.  

Tee is my favorite horse to work with because he is very sweet and understanding.  Half of my group had been to Fidelis before so they knew how to groom and tack, but one of my group members had never been to Fidelis before and had never been around horses before.  With support from his teammates and I he got the courage to go near Tee and help groom him.  

Noelle with her favorite horse, Tee.

Teamwork plays a huge role at Fidelis because the kids need teamwork to successfully work together and to complete the task at hand.  All of the kids were very confident once they got onto the horse.  Their favorite things to do was weave through the pole and to trot.  The kids love trotting because they get to go fast and it gives them a sense of freedom.  

Once my entire group was done riding they said that Tee was their new favorite horse and that they couldn’t wait to come back and ride again.  – Noelle 

Heartland Hearts Fidelis!

With each new semester we are blessed with eager interns from Coastal Carolina University.  Over the next few weeks they will be sharing Fidelis through their eyes

This week we had the largest group that we’ve ever had come out!  19 kids came out to Fidelis from Heartland.  I had the littlest group who got to ride our Halflinger pony Ginger.  First I taught the kids how to groom Ginger.  Many of them had never touched a horse before so at first they were a little shy, but once they knew she was harmless they warmed up to her.  Then I taught them how to tack up her up.  

The kids loved that Ginger was a small pony who was their size and that she had lots of mane and tail.  Then it was time to ride.  My group was fearless when it came to riding and quickly picked up all the skills that it took to correctly ride a horse.  

The magic that Fidelis has really showed in my group because when I first meet my group they were extremely shy, but by the end of the day they all became very outgoing and thoroughly enjoyed their day riding at Fidelis.   – Noelle